After exam Parties

26.06.03 and 28.06.03

On Thursday we went strait from our last exam for this semester and to Bert's place. We had already decided to BBQ so we weren't going to be stopped by some rain, so we fired up the barbie in the garage.

On Saturday we were going to have a big party, but more than 10 people cancelled because of a decease called "Hang over". But we managed to get (I think) 12 people to come anyway! Even Jeanette and Line came!


BBQing in our garage!



Robert wanted to eat a mandarin

Robert was very "happy" this evening

But it only lasted for a short while

He soon became very tired!

Andrew, Robbie and Robert

At Jeets place!


Robert, Andrew, Emran and James

Jeet taking a picture of him self



Trying to wake up Robert whos been sleeping in the car.

He woke up after we had lifted the car and dropped it about 10 times!




Silje and Dragan

Robert and Bert

Line, Robert and Bert

"I wont do it again, I promise"

Yeah right!

Line and Robert

My creampotatoes ended up on the kitchen floor

And Bert cut him self when he tried to clean up


Bert is showing that he can breakdance just as good as Robert

Line and Robert at Club Bayview


Kiss me kiss me kiss me beibee!