After ski in Perth

Easter 2004


In the last weekend of Easter the boys and girls in Bentley arranged (after good old Norwegian Easter tradition) an after ski party. Since there aren't any snow in Perth and especially not during Easter we had to make our own little Australian twist on it.


The famous Bert with the Buff!

first out on the program was cross country skiing

Here are Lisa and Robert in action

Not very easy to make six foots work together when the alcohol level rises to very high levels

The race was of course not over untill all on the team had finished their shot of "something" didn`t taste very good...

The theme of the party was, dress in skiing clothes. Not everyone had ski clothes (since it never snows in Perth), so then you just had to improvise)

Katrine og Bert

JC and katrine


Getting ready for the tuffest ski race of the day!

Every dirty trick in the book were used in this race.

The teams were: Obi and Kristian VS Bert and Jørgen

The "tørkestativ" was halfway and were you could seperate the men from the boys

It`s dead even at the finish

running towards the shots

Only a matter of who can drink the huge shot of "something"

And as you can see I`m puttin my shot down and Kristian is still drinking, thank God for that picture because there were some heavy arguing after...


Geir turns into a Nåså when he drinks booze

Mikael, Torstein, Kristian, Håvard ? and Kalle the Sweed

Obi and Lars

Ingvarshowed up in his ski captain uniform

Jeanette and Jimi

Mean mother Fu*kers

foot lifting

Robert and "tulle jenta Nord"

Bert and RoBert

Lifting Kalle

Notice the mullets (Hockey)

Lars in his taylor made suit

Kalle and Ingvar

Kristian and Torstein

Obi misunderstood the frase "pick up chicks"!! Here sykkylven



ship Ohoi!

Obi`s crotch

Happy couple

Jørgen with bunny ear warmers

Ingvar sucking on Jeanette`s tit

Ingvar insisted that he looked smarter with glasses

Geir claimed he looked much smarter than Ingvar

Ingvars hair!

Jimi, Ingvar with a new look and Kristian

Obi and "mullet Ingvar"

Ingvar changing to something more comfortable

And Lars too

coming downstairs

Ingvar had also put on his nursing uniform in case of injuries, Lars put on his nightgown in case he fell asleep

Lifting Nurse Ingvar

Upskirt of ingvar

upskirt of Lars

Lifting people is very trendy in Perth


testing the Ice skating area

Plastic with a lot of oil

Suddently it turned into wrestling

And it was a tie

Lisa, Noni and Håvard in the back

redwine on the carpet

Sykkylven and Lasse

Betsy and Ingvar

Two not scandinavian at the after ski wearing normal clothes. Lars is not very happy!

Alex With the BIG ....

And more people just kept on coming

Bert and Mikael had to try the Skating area as well

We could`t find the Oil so dishwasing liquid had to the job

Not so pleasant when you slid into the grass on the other side

Jeanette always get wet between the toes when she sees a sailor, so naturly she flirted with the captain

Crawling Captain

Lars and Katrine

Jørgen has always a good facial exprecion ready if you ask




New outfit!

The camera that takes most good pictures

some of the damage from the party

Kalle and ?

Lars at red sea (I think)

Kalle and ?

Lars at Red Sea

Bert and RoBert at Red sea

Obi doing his moves


Ingvar entertaining the crowd

This guy was dancing with his shirt open and Ingvar couldn`t keep his hands away

It`s Sly stallone!