Friday 30.05.03


After a hard week with very little sleep and very much studying I decided that I deserved a good night out! So I called Robert and told him that we were going out.....


Party in Nedlands, mostly Norwegians.

Erik and Robert

(I can`t remembert your name) and Erik

Ass #1

Mario and Baz

Ass #2

Robert and Erik

Erik, Siri, Baz and Robert

Robert, Bert and Erik

Beer, Beer, Robert and Beer

Ass #3

Tits #1

The girl who took my camera and (I don`t know)

The pictures from the girl who took my camera (I don`t know the names of the persons on the next 6-7 pictures)

Ass #4

Ass #5

Ass #6

At Paramount in North Bridge

I dont remember your names!