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Welcome to my Web site!

Hi my name is Bertil I'm from Aalesund in Norway, the reason I made this page was to let my friends back in Norway see what I was up to here in Perth. I thought this was much better than send a whole bunch of e-mails with pictures and stuff....

I moved to Perth in February 2003 to do my Electrical Engineering degree and to experience something different.

In August 2004 I went back to Norway and I'm now studying the same degree in Oslo!

I live with three other guys from Norway!

Terje - AKA Keiko He's a friendly guy with the odd outburst sometime. From Aalesund

Audun - A former professional ski jumper! From Aalesund (Sj°holt)

Martin - AKA Rino. The youngest in the house and very charming towards the girls! (Oslo)

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