12.03.03 & 14.03.03

Wednesday was the Mauritian national day, so we had too celebrate!

Bookers was the place for the venue.

Friday there was a beach bash at school, sand, pools and bikinis.

Matthew from Liverpool, with a broken albow and the thing that broke his albow in his hand.

Lisa and a some kriss


Jimmi a.k.a scary spice

Beate, Kristian, Kriss, Jimmi and jazz

Bert and beate


Anna and another american (Sarah I think)

After we were kicked out of bookers, we were dancing in the streets! To the left is beate and kristian dancing

Another dancing picture

Maritius flag

Kristian! before the beach bash

Drunk, Cameron and Kriss

Party people in the hot tub

Bert and Mona

Perth by night