Pictures from Perth that didn't fit anywhere else

17. May (Norway Day)

The day started with breakfast prepared by the lovely Bergen girls (I think). Thank you again!

Than there was a parade in one of Perths parks, Not as many people as last year though, but than Norway day was on a Saturday! But it was sunny and very nice so we had good time, there was even sausages, cakes and ice cream.

After the parade some went to a pub and some went back to Bentley to drink some more....Even Non- Norwegians showed up later on the day to celebrate the Norway day!

When it started to get late we went to the Leederville Hotel which we had booked in advance and were guarantied "happy hour" all night!


8 People in the Beatle

This was after we had been drinking on the beach the whole day, and we had only two drivers to drive 13 people and 2 surfboards back to our place. We filled up 8 people in the beatle and 5 people and two surfboards in my car (Including one tiny American girl under the surfboards and another tiny American girl in the trunk). There's no pics of that though, only from the beatle.