Saturday 08.03.03

This was a really hot day (38 C) so we went to cottesloe beach.

After a few hours of frying our selves on the beach, it tastes very good with some beers!

Later on we went to Subiaco hotel and Llama bar.

I was really trying to take a photo of the beach, but all these girls got in the way.. : )

kristian photogenic as usual

jimmi a.k.a sleeping beuty

A action shot of Beate

Andy in our back yard and 30 C


Mr. photogenic

Drunk pool

Anette wanted to get on my web page

Line loves to be on the web

Line, Anette and good picture of Jeanette

Evan and Thomas

Here are the kissing photos of Line

Line an Jeanette

Jeanette`s tits

Andy and Jess

My favourite picture of kriss


Storm and a smashed Bertie

Dirty birtie and Storm

Cheryl (maybe) and Storm

Cheryl, Dirty Bertie and storm

Dirty birtie, Jess and Andy